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Web Art Academy

How to Oil Paint Video Lessons

Web Art Academy Course offers Fine Art Video Lessons that reveal classical oil painting and drawing techniques. The Video Course contains 12 high-definition multi-part video lessons that show the process of oil painting and drawing, step by step. The course is run over a period of six months, presenting two new videos every month. In addition, there are also free bonus videos and downloadable Fine Art Books every month! Benefits of joining the Web Art Academy:
- Discover more in 6 months then other students would learn over five years, saving you time.
- Save money on educational fees, travel and accommodation.
- Flexible instruction – great for busy people.

Fine Art: Your Fame and Wealth

The Must-have book for fine artists

Practical Self-Promotion Guide every Artist Must have. Tested and proven techniques provide breakthroughs so few fine artists aware about. The book is full of innovative and extremely powerful advice that you can start benefiting from right away. A new sensational book exposes the shocking truth about the conspiracy against Fine Artists and reveals the secrets of how you can become a Famous and Wealthy Fine Artist. You will discover how you can:
- Attain freedom in your creative process;
- Grow your inspirational expansion;
- Becoming comfortably self sufficient from fine art;
- Being sought after by galleries and collectors;
- Get the kind of lifestyle you want

Art and Design Academy

Fine Art Marketing

Art and Design Academy presents the real life video with very powerful content – a 2.5 hour consultation with the Art Gallery in London on the super hot topic of how to promote a Fine Art business online. Discover how to promote Your Art on a global scale, single-handedly, without employing marketing companies or public relations agencies. This video will explore many useful topics, including: 
- Fine Art business models; 
- Brand making and development; 
- Technical solutions for a gallery website; 
- How to stay ahead of the competition; 
- Optimising your fine art business; 
- Marketing your fine art on the web; 
- Analysing and Outsourcing.

What Our Students and Clients Say

Whenever I contacted you, you replied with so much kindness, care and patience and it made me feel like I am not alone in this road

Jasmin, Web Art Academy student

All the best to you, in love, life and may your fine art business ever prosper. Thank you for being there for me.

Kathy Harker-Fiander – Fine Artist, Web Art Academy graduate

Thank you very much for your support; I'm glad I signed up to the Web Art Academy, I enjoyed it, it was a great experience, all the lessons and books.

Jorge Padilla, Web Art Academy graduate

Please accept my best regards and thanks for the opportunity to study with you. I want to express my gratitude for sharing your art secrets with me.

Iulia Calimarea, Web Art Academy student

I've found your books very helpful. Mr. London responds quickly and efficiently to relevant questions or comments.

Professor Cigdem Gokce, MD, MRCP(UK); BFA Student Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Thank you for a great book, and also for a great program. I'm learning a lot, thank you! I love it

Ruben Llano – Fine artist and stone carver

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